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CIO Connect has developed, over many years, a programme that takes IT leaders through key leadership transitions. 

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  • Researched based knowledge and pragmatic experience with solutions to practical problems.

  • Pre, during  and post-programme 1:1 coaching

  • GAPPS assessment

  • Focussed masterclasses

  • In-role tasks supported by CIO Connect Advisors as coach/mentors  to reinforce learning 

  • Personal development plan

  • Supported via our CoachAccountable online support system. Allows access to an array of targeted online learning tutorials and exercises including videos, audio and text designed specifically to aid Tech leaders to develop.

  • Experience sharing from fellow participants in a powerful action learning community.

  • External real-world insight from leading CIOs in the CIO Connect network


  • Open programme

  • 1 attendee

  • Combination of video conference modules, face to face lectures and case study work.

This programme can also be run internally for an organisation