We have developed over many years, a programme that takes IT leaders through four key leadership transitions. As technology becomes more integrated with the business, this programme is now open to all leaders who have responsibility for technology, even though they may no longer sit in a 'traditional' IT Department.  

There are four one day masterclasses with 1:1 mentoring and coaching wrapped in-between.


Programme participants will benefit from:

  • Pre- and post- programme 1:1 coaching to ensure that all participants enter the programme with clear personal objectives, and leave with a focused plan that will sustain the learning beyond the formal programme..
  • Co-Coaching from fellow participants in a powerful action learning community.
  • In-role tasks to reinforce learning and deliver early benefits in participants’ ongoing roles.
  • Expert facilitation and input from CIO Connect Advisors
  • External insight from leading CIOs in the CIO Connect network

Making strategy in a changing world

Preparing yourself for leadership

  • Knowing yourself
  • Understanding emotional and cultural intelligence
  • Difference between leadership and management

Understanding Strategy

  • Connection between the business and technology strategy
  • Strategy models
  • Selling a strategy

Joined by a strategy CIO to share experience


Exploiting the power of business & technology fusion 

Understanding your business

  • What is your business culture?
  • Stakeholder management
  • Influencing styles

What does the future look like and what does it mean for your business?

  • The future of technology
  • Identification of opportunities - IT as a profit centre
  • Bringing it home to the business

Joined by an entrepreneur CIO to share experience


Agile leadership in a changing world

Personal leadership

  • Influencing the board, colleagues and peers
  • Communication strategies
  • Communication styles

Leading others

  • How CIOs and technology leaders spend their time
  • Leading your team
  • Leading across borders

Joined by a cross border CIO to share experience


Owning the future in a fast changing world

Personal development

  • Coaching your team
  • Leveraging your champion and mentor
  • Owning your own personal development plan 

Mapping the future

  • Staying on top of technology and business changes
  • Continuing to influence the business and C-Suite
  • Managing your career

Joined by the mentors to share experiences


What our clients say about us.. 

I have no hesitation recommending the CIO Next Generation programme. My Director of Infrastructure Services has benefitted hugely by networking with peers from different industry sectors and learning about the soft skills required to make the jump to the CIO role.
I am delighted to recommend CIO Connect’s Next Generation programme. A key member of my top team received a huge amount of value from participating. In my view the programme has developed significantly her capability as a leader.
“I participated in the Next Gen program in early 2015 and personally found the contents and format of the program extremely valuable as I moved into a leadership role soon after the first workshop.
One of the key differentiators of this program is the assignment of a mentor to each of the participants. I don’t know how the ‘matching’ is done to assign mentors to participants but in my case my mentor was an excellent selection. Having a mentor assigned to me added an extra dimension to the program:
• It provided continuity between the face-to-face workshops and ensured that I thought about how I would apply what I’d learnt (and following up on that)
• Access to an independent and objective advisor with relevant industry experience
• Provided connections to people in my own organization
• A confidential advisor
My mentor took this role seriously
• suggested interesting additional reading for me – more on leadership and personal challenge than on IT-related ‘career’ reading
• we met once or twice between each workshop, to make sure that I was on track with my previous plans / commitments
• he took notes, kept them and always referred back to them – indicating his real interest in providing proper mentorship
• he did not ‘dictate’ what I needed to do - he asked questions which guided me into making my own plans
Finally, I have remained in contact with my mentor and he has offered to be available for discussions and to continue with any support I may need (completely voluntary on his part).”
— Nicola Van Der Merwe, Regional IT Director, The Dairy Farm Group