Legal Training

CIO Connect’s purpose is to work with clients to share information and practical solutions. As many organisations are undergoing Digital Transformations, the landscape for them is generating a different set of risks. To protect you, it is important that you are well informed on the legal ramifications in your country by people who have the legal IT experience matched with the ‘in country’ legal knowledge.

Pinset Mason Mpillay have defined series of relevant courses for our clients.

They are willing to have an initial conversation, free of charge to understand your needs and recommend a course that is appropriate. Please contact Emma Burrows in the first instance, to put you in touch with the correct lawyer in the Practice.

  • This session aims to introduce key clauses a CIO will likely encounter in a technology contract

  • Participate in discussion of these clauses and their impact on your project

  • Understand and role play the negotiating positions for these clauses

Ongoing Contract Management

Recognising the key clauses in your contract

  • The pace of regulation has had to keep up with the dynamic technology market

  • New and more regulations have been imposed on the use of technology 

  • Explore the new issues arising in the field of technology regulation and ethics

  • Develop a regulatory impact assessment to keep abreast of developments

Regulatory Change

Implications for technology users

  • Engaging external vendors is viewed by some as a painful but necessary evil

  • Studies have shown that careful vendor management avoids disasters and creates a foundation for project success

  • Learn helpful tips about dealing with vendors and addressing issues before they escalate

  • Examine real life case studies on vendor management

Vendor Management

Managing legal risks and practical solutions

  • High profile fines imposed on brands such as Google, Marriott, British Airways and closer to home SingHealth, AIA, Grab, Cathay Pacific,  has brought data protection concerns to the forefront

  • Data protection regulators are not only looking at imposing more regulations but also to tighten enforcement of existing regulations

  • Discuss ways to meet regulatory standards and to mitigate data protection risks

Data Protection

GDPR and the PDPC, a commercial discussion on the regulators real concerns

  • How to define a legal project and why project management is important in the context of delivering legal services;

  • The basic management structure of a project and the key roles and responsibilities involved;

  • Basic principles and techniques for starting up and scoping out a project;

  • Basic techniques for managing any project risks; and

  • Basic techniques for managing any changes to project scope.

Legal Project Management

Case study based scenarios examining challenges and key considerations