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We bring our expertise on a specific topic to you and your team in a classroom-like setting. 

You can use our services to provide external insight as part of your progress review process. We have a standard set of Masterclasses, but in discussion with you, we can tailor our sessions to achieve your specific outcomes. 

Rather than being a standalone activity, the Masterclass becomes a catalyst for long-term change. 

The Masterclasses are defined under our four key themes for the modern and successful C Suite, namely Strategy, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence and Leadership.


  • Preparation work

  • Full-day masterclass

  • Up to 19 attendees

  • One-to-one follow-up

Cyber Resilience vs. Security


Transform your plans to a winning strategy of operating critical missions through cyber adversity

  • Half-day workshop 

  • FREE confidential diagnosis session for your organisation.

  • Book before the 14th June and you will receive a S$1,000 discount

In this half-day workshop you will:

  1. Spend half a day with CIO Connects Cyber Security Expert: Anthony Bargar

  2. Be introduced to cyber threats through the use of case studies 

  3. Understand how they have evolved over time and how business strategies should evolve to reduce risks.

  4. Discuss plans, strategies, and tools needed to implement the fundamentals of a cyber resilient program to include countermeasures to advanced risks.  

  5. Hear from a senior executive over lunch, who will share his or her experiences and network with your peers.

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Leading Big Data and Analytics in Organisations

  • Full-day workshop

  • 5* Venue with lunch included

  • Confidential one-to-one advisory follow-up session

This one-day course provides practical knowledge, grounded in high-quality academic research and industry best practice, will empower the executive and management team of any organisations to jump-start an analytics programme capable of providing positive financial returns and sustainable growth.

In this full-day workshop you will:

  1. Know how analytics can help their business unlock the value in their data to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and drive innovation.

  2. Understand the key principles and concepts of analytics

  3. Understand the proven success factors for analytics.

  4. Understand how to build an analytics culture within their organisation.

  5. Know what is required to plan and execute a successful organisation-wide, business-driven analytics program.

  6. Know how to assemble an effective analytics team that can drive analytics throughout the organisation.

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Review of IT Strategy

An independent review of your IT strategy or plan as it supports the business in APAC. An identification of key issues including those caused by global strategies that don’t address regional needs adequately and the development of a plan to implement. Structuring the message for the audience. 

Result: Creating focused strategy conversations with stakeholders, creating a much better sense of ‘buy in’ for all parties.

The World of 2025

Embracing the future in a fast-changing world. Reviewing technologies in the context of long-term business trends. Using scenario planning to demonstrate how to make the most of technology.

Result:  Repositioning IT as forward thinking contributor to business strategy.

Defining Your Digital Strategy

Not just an IT strategy with the latest buzzword, your Digital Strategy includes the rethinking of the business model, understanding the customer and the relentless use of data for decision making.

Result: Identification of the elements and participants in defining the Digital Strategy and a plan to engage all participants. 

Define Your Sourcing Strategy

A review of your organisation’s IT services model and its current sourcing approach. Identification of the key issues and the development of an appropriate plan to address any concerns.

Result: Significant cost savings, better sourcing decisions.

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Cyber Security

Executive Management of Cyber Security 

As a board member, a mortal threat to your company is a cyber security breach.  We will prepare you to ask the right questions and evaluate the effectiveness of your programs, to understand and reduce the risk to your company and the cyber risks you face. 

Result:  A plan to manage board communications, ask the right questions as leaders, evaluate the effectiveness of your programs (Cyber Maturity Analysis), and implement a governance program that is flexible and adaptable to the cyber threats tailored to your organization. Put you in a defensible state when the inevitable happens.

Data Breaches and Cyber Resilience

Strategies, tactics and countermeasures to today’s ransomware and other sophisticated cyber threats. 

Result: A better prepared organization with a greater understanding of the specific operational cyber risks they face.  As a result, you are armed with the knowledge to create and plan to implement the necessary countermeasures for risk mitigation.

Controlling Cyber Risks from 3rd Parties and Outsourcing ICT Operations

Recognising risks to your organizations resulting from the growing trends of cloud computing, outsourcing ICT operations, and increasing dependence on 3rd parties.  

Result: Learn to review the risk strategies prior to making outsourcing decisions and understand how to better manage risks in this area.

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Business Intelligence

Leading Big Data and Analytics in Organisations

Understanding the analytics success factors,  building an analytics culture across the business and staffing the  analytics team correctly are key platforms in building a successful analytics team which will repay the investment. 

Result: An implementable plan  that will  unlock the value and use the data assets hidden within the organisation 

Analytics Maturity Assessment 

Measuring the maturity of the organisation in this area is quite important. We measure two areas, data-driven decision making and the analytics success factors to uncover situations to address  barriers to success. 

Result:  Clarity on issues that may hamper success. 

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The Mature Organisation

Using CIO Connect’s Overarching Operating Model structure to review the overall capability and working strengths of the IT organisation. Undertaken with a view to providing an infrastructure to deliver a ‘fit-for-purpose’ organisational model.

Result: A more focused organisation, delivering better business outcomes, saving cost and effort, and improving reputation with business colleagues.

Leadership and Talent Management

Identifying leadership competencies in an IT context and determining talent needs for the future. An introduction to coaching, and steps towards building the talent pool for the future.

Result: Plans to build high performing leadership teams that are critical for the business to achieve its growth agenda.

Coaching Our Teams

Development of the coaching skills of IT leaders and managers. Practice with, and application of, our established coaching model. The establishment of an on-going support framework to help the senior IT team act as coaches.

Result: Improved performance at all levels, growing the leaders of the future, encouraging management to take responsibility and empowering them to take the appropriate decisions to allow senior staff to delegate. 

Active Vendor Management

A review of your organisation’s IT services model and its current sourcing approach. Identification of the key issues and the development of an appropriate plan to address any concerns.

Result: Significant cost savings, better sourcing decisions.

Leading Successful Programmes

Whether it is building and maintaining a successful Project Management Office is an integral part of consistent programme delivery success, revue and advice on the project management methodology from business case to deployment. The delivery of projects on time, on budget and agreed outcomes is still  a challenge for most organisations. 

Result: Clarity in the roles, responsibilities and decision rights of all the  participants in programmes of work, successful behaviours and processes that underpin successful project delivery. 

Communication 101  

Engaging with business colleagues,  IT colleagues across the world, vendors  and others is a basic skill for leaders, managers and any customer facing IT professional. The perceived success of a project, a relationship is often dependent on this communication. This masterclass will cover basic elements of communications and review them  at the individual organisation. 

Result:  Significant improvement in the IT  communications, in style, frequency and content.

Technology drives and underpins the organisation as never before.  Critical to the success is the customers experience, whether the  organisation is the customer or IT is the internal customer.  Understanding the current customer experience enables the attendees to define and target improvement.

Result:  Significant improvement in the customer experience and more efficient and effective customer facing services. 

Driving a Great Customer Experience 

Brand IT/Brand Me

The reputation of IT is critical to the perceived success of any project or service. Identifying and managing stakeholders, develop and deliver an effective communication plan within and outside of IT and forming a joint partnership across organisational boundaries. 

Result: Better reputation with stakeholders, more effective demand management, improved engagement with the business.

Successful Business Account Managers

Discussing the processes and skills displayed by the most successful Business Aunt Managers, focusing on their conversations and relationships with colleagues across the organisation.

Result: Improved communication, greater involvement at all levels of the business and earlier identification of shadow IT, with a view to providing guidance.

Better Shared Service Provision

IT organisations are increasingly turning themselves into shared service or platform provision. The challenges are staff competencies and behaviours and process and all need to be effective – run IT like a business. 

Result: An implementable plan that will focus on running IT as a business so that IT will contribute in a measurable way to the success of the organisation. 

Women Leading

The advantage of a diversified workforce and management team is well documented. This masterclass helps women to identify key behaviours that lead to success in the corporate world and to exercise those behaviours and skills. 

Result: Women with the skills, confidence and awareness to be a successful and accomplished leader so widening the leadership pool of talent for the organisation.  

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