Executive Management of Cyber Security 

As a board member, a mortal threat to your company is a cyber security breach.  We will prepare you to ask the right questions and evaluate the effectiveness of your programs, to understand and reduce the risk to your company and the cyber risks you face. 

Result:  You will have a plan to manage board communications, ask the right questions as leaders, evaluate the effectiveness of your programs (Cyber Maturity Analysis), and implement a governance program that is flexible and adaptable to the cyber threats tailored to your organization. Put you in a defensible state when the inevitable happens.

Leading Together

A breakthrough in team performance. An assessment of your team’s strengths against CIO Connect’s High Performing Team model. The development of plans to embed new levels of high performance.

Result: Significant performance improvements in management and staff.

The Organisation

Using CIO Connect’s Overarching Operating Model structure to review the overall capability and working strengths of the IT organisation. Undertaken with a view to providing an infrastructure to deliver a ‘fit-for-purpose’ organisational model.

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Result: A more focused organisation, delivering better business outcomes, saving cost and effort, and improving reputation with business colleagues.

Leadership and Talent Management

Identifying leadership competencies in an IT context and determining talent needs for the future. An introduction to coaching, and steps towards building the talent pool for the future.

Result: IT will build high performing leadership teams that are critical for the business to achieve its growth agenda.

Coaching Our Teams

Development of the coaching skills of IT leaders and managers. Practice with, and application of, our established coaching model. The establishment of an on-going support framework to help the senior IT team act as coaches.

Result: Improved performance at all levels, creating the environment that supports problem solving and innovation.

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