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As technology now underpins every facet of an organisation, this programme provides technology related insight to CXOs.  The insight, advice and guidance is provided from our exceptionally experienced teams of advisors, many of whom have held C-level roles.

  • Facilitating small, focused groups of your peers to work together on key issues such as the use of technology to provide collaboration in a diverse world.
  • Direct peer to peer connection with others to provide the relevant experience.
  • An events and content program to network and collaborate with peers around topics of interest in a vendor free environment.


Where we are speaking & offers - come & join us....  


cloud expo asia - 10th & 11th October 2018

Panel discussion - CISO Circle Panel: Question for CISOs – Are your organizations ready to push AI & Machine Learning to the Front Line?

Date: Thurs 11th Oct

Time: 10:05- 10:45

Venue: Cloud & Cyber Security Keynote Theatre

The promise of increased security in identifying exploits and vulnerabilities and better automation in reducing the complexity of analysis is appealing to CISOs. But being too optimistic about AI's impact could be fatal especially when it is a double-edged sword for the growing intelligence threat. This session will highlight how AI & ML might impact security and risk management, what to expect and how to adapt to the changing risk landscape in this new AI age.

Panel Discussion - Disruptive Technologies Series 2 - C-Suite Roundtable

Date: Thurs 11th Oct

Time: 11:25 – 12:05

Venue: Techerati Keynote Theatre

The business and IT landscape has significantly shifted over the years and the use of disruptive technologies to transform business is dramatically impacting every single sector and industry. Digital transformation is a long-term commitment and a journey which also presents a lot of complex challenges for c-levels and their boards in any enterprise. Come and hear how the leaders address the challenges and provide you insights on how to develop a company-wide digital transformation strategy.


convergence - 10th & 11th november 2018

Learn, Collaborate, Innovate & Explore

Convergence returns to Singapore on Saturday 10 - 11 November 2018 at the beautiful Pavilion, Far East Square, Chinatown Singapore.

Convergence gives you a unique opportunity to:Learn from world leading keynote speakers discussing what’s top-of-mind for the tech industry’s key innovators in this economy driving ecosystem.

You will come away from Convergence with real world knowledge, deep understanding, fresh ideas and connections to implement the latest business opportunities for successful outcomes.\

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