Current Events

Achieving Business Goals Through Industry 4.0

This will be a Thought Leadership Session with Ms. Barbara Dossetter (Managing Director, CIO Connect) an Industry Thought Leader, where the key focus will be to look at Digital Transformation Trends Driving Industry 4.0: What Does That Mean? 

 You will be able to network with your peers, speakers and gain great insight on the following:

  • What is industry 4.0 and what will it do for my organisation?

  • As a CIO, what is my role in the digital transformation to achieve Industry 4.0?

  • How can I have a successful digital transformation?

  • How can I run Industry 4.0 in the cloud and still sleep at night?

  • Making Industry 4.0 secure in this cyber security environment.

Meet the expert

As technology now underpins every facet of an organisation, this programme provides technology related insight to CXOs.  The insight, advice and guidance is provided from our exceptionally experienced teams of advisors, many of whom have held C-level roles.

  • Facilitating small, focused groups of your peers to work together on key issues such as the use of technology to provide collaboration in a diverse world.

  • Direct peer to peer connection with others to provide the relevant experience.

  • An events and content program to network and collaborate with peers around topics of interest in a vendor free environment.