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As technology now underpins every facet of an organisation, this programme provides technology related insight to CXOs.  The insight, advice and guidance is provided from our exceptionally experienced teams of advisors, many of whom have held C-level roles.

  • Facilitating small, focused groups of your peers to work together on key issues such as the use of technology to provide collaboration in a diverse world.
  • Direct peer to peer connection with others to provide the relevant experience.
  • An events and content program to network and collaborate with peers around topics of interest in a vendor free environment.

Where we are speaking - come & join us....  



Shangri-La hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Digital Leadership - Leading Effectively in a Digital Era

Expert insight:  Not all stories begin as numbers on a screen.  Tech innovation, where does it begin and how should your organisation capitalise on it?



Singapore Stock Exchange, 2 Shenton Way #02-02 Sgx Centre, Singapore

Protecting Critical Infrastructure & Supply Chain

Protecting critical infrastructure & securing the supply chain are critical undertakings that require a coordinated effort to address. No longer is the supply chain an IT-exclusive problem or critical infrastructure completely isolated and immune to attack. 

Be sure to attend CyberConnet 360 to learn how to make your organization truly cyber-secure and learn from our expert panel: Anthony Bargar of CIO Connect, Fabricio Granja of X5 Retail Group and Demetris Booth of CISCO Security.



Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore 

Panel discussion - Women in Technology

Panel discussion - CIO

Cloud is the game changer – what game are we changing?  The cloud ecosystem is underpinning the digitization of businesses. How are we as IT professionals going to lead or guide those changes throughout our organisations. What is, or should be our role? From writing the digital strategy to implementing and guiding the ecosystem, what are the challenges, successes and lessons learned on this journey.

Panel Discussion – Security  

With the current outbreak of Global Ransomware attacks, where does the responsibility lie with regards to securing organisations IT stack?  Ransomware is making all the headlines in the mainstream news and is causing severe headaches at all levels of organisations. This panel discussion will cover the various aspects of who is involved in the securing of the IT stack from the solution provider, to the end-user, to the governing state .


British chamber of commerce - 10th november


Exploring the many facets of cyber security and how we can increase female involvement

Cyber security is not a new concept, but it has gained increasing notoriety and more and more companies are taking this seriously. However, the percentage of females breaking into the sector is very low, least of all into leadership positions. Discussion will be around the cyber security industry and women’s place in this fast-changing epoch.