Technology focussed coaching 

As more is demanded of you as a leader, one of the ways that you can rise to the challenge is through coaching. General leadership coaching has been available for many years and has been a key factor in the success of many senior executives in business. However, as technology invades the C suite and the senior business leaders utilise technology more as an integral part of their business, leadership challenges are changing. Technology knowledge underpins personal and organisational performance.

CIO Connect’s technology focused coaching melds the best of coaching and the best of technology understanding to develop leaders within traditional IT and across the wider business.  With more than 10 years of leadership coaching of CIOs and their leadership teams, we are uniquely positioned to continue this role with business and technology leaders. Like CIO Connect’s Masterclasses, our  coaching is outcome-oriented so you have measurable results.

Coaching is delivered either as part of an overall leadership initiative to a board, business peers or department or on an individual basis.

From here to there - How the CIO manages a smooth transition

When CIOs transition to a new role within or outside their organisation, or a new CIO is about to join, there are certain key things he or she must do to be successful in the new role while protecting the reputation in the old one. This presentation outlines those as a trigger for introspection and action.

Result: Working with CIO’s in transition has helped them be more successful in their new roles, identifying improvements and implementing change.