The World of 2020

CIO Connect Masterclass: The World of 2020 - Harnessing the Future in a Fast Changing World

Our business colleagues expect IT to deliver technology led innovation. The aim is to make innovation an integral part of what IT delivers to their business community.

This masterclass reviews technologies in the context of the business’s future and uses scenario planning as a way to uncover ideas and define how to ‘sell’ them to the business community.

Why is this so important? Click here & take a look at this recent Forbes article


  • One day results orientated masterclass
  • Focussed for the CIO and their Leadership Team
  • Tailored specifically for the organisation
  • Actionable outcomes

The masterclass covers:

  • What is Innovation?
  • Leading Innovators
  • Testing for Innovation
  • How do we manage innovation?
  • Shadow IT or Citizen Developer?
  • Scenario planning 
  • Disruptive technologies or opportunities?
  • Business exercises
  • Disruptive business or new business opportunities?
  • Further reading material 

The Result: 

  • IT positioned as forward thinking on business strategy