CIO Connect Masterclass - Building the Brand

As IT,  you deliver every day - day in and day out. However, it seems that the only time your business colleagues seem to take an interest is when something goes wrong. This is a common ‘brand issue’ with most IT departments. The effect on the organisation as a whole, is that the organisation has not leveraged the investment in technology. While that might have been ok 20 years ago, now this means that the organisation is not leveraging the huge investment (between 1 and 6% of revenue) in technology. By taking control of your brand, you can reposition IT in the corporate mind.

This can start with a masterclass as a catalyst for change. As a result clients have repositioned themselves as partners to their business colleagues with measureable improvements to the bottom line.

On this masterclass we cover:

  • The Power of the brand
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Communicating for success

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