Change is the one constant in today’s IT-enabled business. We want to help you embrace this state of flux. Our aim is to help you and your organisation to feel prepared for any changes that lie ahead, so you can exploit transformational technology and create a competitive advantage for the rest of the business. We achieve this objective by working with and through your internal IT team. Our areas of focus and experience cover four key themes:

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  • Strategy – Developing consistent direction in all areas of your approach, from the IT department to digital services and onto the aims of the wider organisation
  • Leadership – Preparing executives for the tremendous changes in business and technology that loom large on the horizon
  • Governance – Ensuring the right policies and procedures are implemented at the right time
  • Business value – Creating strong and valued partnerships with business stakeholders to produce benefits for all parties

How we work 

Our service to you is 'concierge' because we recognise your individual demands require a tailored relationship. All CIOs want to use technology to help their businesses become more successful, yet the journey to that destination is always distinctive. CIO Connect tailors its advisory approach to your specific business demands, and to the people and resources you are able to call upon. We can tailor our services because of the experience and creativity of our advisors.

Our flexible approach means we start the planning process with the outcome you wish to achieve at the forefront of our minds. We then work backwards and establish the best way of achieving your goals in the most time and cost effective manner. Our tailored approach calls on a combination of tools and services:

  • Outcome-oriented masterclasses
  • Talent leadership programmes
  • Facilitated meetings
  • Engagement in your regular senior leadership team meetings
  • Individual monthly meetings with you and your leadership team, helping your organisation to make the most of our expertise as an external and knowledgeable advisor
  • Vendor-free meetings with your IT leadership peers to discuss key topics of interest with a guest speaker

Why CIO Connect? 

  • Our people are experienced, practical and connected, which means the advice and insight you get is real, detailed and implementable.
  • We are truly independent. We are not part of a large research group, a vendor pool or consulting practice. Our relationship is with you alone, and your satisfaction is critical to our business. We encourage our clients to talk to each other about our strengths, and that openness helps ensure our reputation is based on your success.
  • We work with and through your staff, so the intellectual property your team develops, and the experiences they gain, stay safe and secure with your organisation
  • We know more about our client strategies and outcomes than any other advisor because our relationships with CIOs are long-standing, built on trust and highly valued.
  • We work with your leadership team to achieve actionable outcomes that are tailored to the specific capabilities of your IT organisation.
  • We have the flexibility to work at a pace that suits your requirements and your business’ demands. 
  • We have deep experience that has been developed by working with a broad range of IT teams on a host of transformation programmes.

Retained Advisory Services

Why can this approach work for you?

Our number one aim is to help you achieve your objectives. Our Retained Advisory Service (RAS) provides a year-long programme of coaching sessions, workshops, networking opportunities and tailored intelligence. We strive to provide you with the most timely and cost-effective way of working.

We also want you to be satisfied with our high quality approach, so the Retained Advisory Service (RAS) includes a 'call off' option. We know from experience that CIOs can be concerned that every conversation or connection will cost you and your business money. The ‘call off’ option provides peace of mind and means both parties, both you and CIO Connect, can focus on what really matters – the development of an effective working partnership.

What do you get? 

  • A 12-month partnership with CIO Connect.
  • Monthly one-to-one sessions with you and one of our Advisory Service Directors.
  • Monthly one-to-one mentoring and coaching for your IT leadership team.
  • Three, full-day masterclasses delivered by our highly experienced Advisory Service Directors in the following critical areas:
    • Strategy – Helping the business to achieve its goals
    • Leadership – Enhancing your role in the organisation, by orchestrating the broad range of ideas for using technology that come from business colleagues, and developing your team
    • Governance – Aligning technology developments with the wider decision-making processes of your organisation
    • Business value – Ensuring that the IT teams contribution to the overall business objectives is recognised.  
  • Peer-to-peer connections that are arranged to help you and your fellow CIOs share real-world experiences.
  • CIO Insight Exchange keynote events.
  • A monthly ‘Mind Food’ email, with key research papers on critical topics drawn from a wide range of sources.
  • ‘Daily Intelligence’, to help ensure you and your team are aware of what’s happening in the fast-changing world of business IT.
  • A tailored and flexible service plan.
  • A dedicated Account Manager, on-call to help you and your team to make the most of CIO Connect and its services.