Who we are 

CIO Connect is a unique concierge service for CIOs and their leadership teams and other C suite members engaging with technology

We recognise that every technology chief whether called the CIO, the CDO, the CTO or is the CEO, is an individual. Our advisory-led, concierge service makes your key challenge our main interest. We foster a close partnership with each and every CXO, working to your agenda in order to help you reach your goals.

With so many organisations at the beginning or in the process of transition to new business models supported or driven by new technologies, the role of the CIO as technology evangelist has never been more critical to success. 

The CIO Connect approach is so much more than a traditional tick-box consultancy. As your most trusted advisor, we bring an external viewpoint and a pragmatic approach. Our experienced practitioners dovetail their specialist knowledge with your personal experiences and objectives.

We are a group of experts who care passionately about the role of the technologyleader. As IT moves from the back office and becomes technology -the driver of business opportunity - the role of the traditional IT leadership changes dramatically. We prepare IT Leaders for the future. 

Our sole purpose is to support you and your leadership team in your desire to make your business even more successful as it transforms to new business models. To reach this target, we operate in the five areas that are critical to modern CIOs and forward-thinking organisations:

  • Strategy – Establishing and then reaching clear goals as partof the business, where today you’re usually engaged in the Transformation

  • Leadership – Developing leadership skills to meet business outcomes.   The result, your leadership team that can meet any challenge head-on

  • Governance – Ensuring the service delivery you provide to the rest of the organisation is fit for purpose, secure and risk reduced

  • Business value – Strengthening the position of technology, so your team is recognised for its ability to contribute to wider business strategy, particularly now that technology innovation never stops 

  • Cyber Security - The C Suite approach to cyber survivability and cyber resilience so that the organisation manages the cyber security response protecting the organisation’s reputation, it’s customers and its assets.

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